proPlus™ Harnesses

Designed for you by entertainment professionals

Basic Harness








The ProPlus™ Basic Harness is a general purpose, full-body fall arrest harness for use by those working at height. The Basic Harness features a 2" steel dorsal ring, allowing for SRL or lanyard attachment and rescue. This harness is ideal for everyday use in indoor and outdoor venues.


Premium Harness







The ProPlus™ Premium Harness  is a general purpose full body harness designed for those long calls in the high steel, a focus chair or wherever comfort and safety are needed. 


ProPlus™ Crossover Harness







The ProPlus™ Cross-Over™ Harness is a general purpose, full body harness designed to meet the needs of entertainment technicians working at height.  It is comfortable and easy to adjust, making it ideal for multiple user situations.


ProPlus™ Technician Harness







The ProPlus™ Technician Harness is a general purpose full-body fall arrest harness for use by those working at height.  The Technician  has the added advantage of meeting the safety requirements when the work requires the use of multiple safety systems.  Climbing a wire rope ladder to access a truss and then traversing along the truss is one example of a multiple safety system requirement. 


ProPlus™ Rope Access Harness








The ProPlus™ Rope Access Harness is a full body harness designed for fall arrest as well as rope access activities. The harness features padding at the shoulders, neck, waist and legs; utility loops at the waist and six steel D rings. 


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